Stitchcraft Magazines: 1940s

Stitchcraft magazine needs no introduction if you're a fan of knitting using original patterns from the 1940s and I'm sure that many of us are keen collectors of these too, not only for the patterns but for their historical context and also for the plain fact that they are lovely to look at.

The issues must have certainly stood out on the shelves of the local newsagent or a street-stall with their colourful covers and attractive, fashionable models. In fact, whilst I was compiling the catalogue below, I was surprised at how the cover designs vary; ranging from glamour girls to the 'girl-next-door' and even 'high-fashion' poses that wouldn't have looked out of place in Vogue or Harper's Bazaar

No doubt Stitchcraft cheered up wartime and even post-war knitters, who probably eagerly awaited the next monthly issue; although this wait would have been even longer if the issue covered two months.

Although Stitchcraft is mentioned very frequently throughout the net, I couldn't find an online visual catalogue for all the 1940s issues. I might not have been searching thoroughly, but I thought such a resource might be useful. I certainly knew that one would be helpful for me to pin-point the issues that my collection is missing or even to put a cover to those whose covers are lost. So in a pro-active moment (or number of hours!) I decided to collate a catalogue of all the covers from the Forties in chronological order. Enjoy!










Supplementary issues:



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