Thursday, 8 June 2017

Bath: Bloggers & Brollies

Here's a very artistic display in one of Bath's popular shopping areas and very apt with all this rain we've been having, but I wasn't in Bath on Saturday for some artsy farty display...

...I was there to meet these two fabulous ladies...

Yes, we finally got it together and Mim (aka Crinoline Robot), Emma (aka Ivy Black) and myself all met up on Saturday morning next to Bath Abbey for a day filled with gossiping, laughter and of course...truffling out old stuff!

First of all, Mim headed us off in the direction of a great cafe where we had a leisurely catch up and also swapped pressies. Emma had made me a gorgeous bracelet with pictures of 1920s Hollywood beauties and Mim gave me a perfect Pyrex platter that she had brought for me a while ago, but was saving until we met up.

One of the first shops we went into was Anthropologie, which was full of lovely things and a touch quirky too, such as this shop display...any idea what its made from?


Yes, the humble utilitarian peg has been promoted! 

It looks like the pegs have been dip-dyed and then simply pegged onto black plastic netting, which has been threaded through with cotton cord to give it the drape-factor! I'm seriously thinking of giving this crafty idea a go!

On to the shopping - obvs we did the charity shops, Mim brought a fab green dress from the Julian House chazza. Then we walked up Walcot Street and found a proper old school vintage shop - y'know the sort; the one which is crammed to the rafters with great stuff that you have to have a good old rummage about in! I love it, its like going back in time to the 80s and 90s - just like secondhand clothes hunting used to be!

Don't get in their way - they're on a mission!

After lunch in the riverside park overlooked by the abbey...

...Mim took us to one of the best fabric shops I have been to for a looong time! Two rooms full of the most colourful and tempting bolts of fabric...

...we ooh'd and ahh'd like kids in a sweet shop and swore to come back next time with lists of our fabric wants.

It was such as brilliant day and a real joy to be with like-minded people who don't think you're mad when you can enthuse about the joys of a polyester maxi dress!

Roll on our next Bath meet-up...August anyone?

Bath booty: a mug from Anthropologie and gorgeous fabric


  1. Looks like you had the most wonderful time

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. That looks like a brilliant day out and I love all the photos and pressies.
    The vintage shop in Walcot Street looks like Second To None, with three or things on one hanger so you really do feel like you've unearthed treasure when you find something. What a fabric shop!
    We drive past Anthro when we trade in Bath and the window displays always look amazing. I've looked at their website and gasped at the prices.
    August, you say? If I can, I will! xxx

  3. It was such a fab day. Loved every minute in yours and Mim's company. We packed a fair old bit in to our day out didn't we? That fabric shop tho'...I nearly lost it! I'm up for August. Give us a

  4. I wish I could join you ladies, but Bath's just a little too far away from Belgium! It looks like you, Mim and Emma had an absolutely smashing time. I wouldn't mind having a good old rummage in that vintage shop. xxx

  5. I'm well up for another day out with you splendid ladies and have absolutely NO PLANS for August. We'll have to save the fabric shop till last so you're not wandering around all day laden like a donkey. ;-)

    I've started hitting the gym, so with any luck the green dress will be hanging a little better next time you're in town.

  6. Sounds like a lovely day!


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