Friday, 18 March 2016

New Uses for Old Things

The past week has had a few sunny and reasonably warm days wedged in between the general overcast weather we've been having, which was enough inducement for the VK household to start pottering about in the garden and orchard.

The main thing I wanted to do was prune the much neglected apple trees. So I've tentatively chopped and trimmed, and cleared mistletoe from the branches to let in as much light as possible. You can see from the photo below on the left from March last year, how dense the mistletoe was in the branches and on the right is the same tree this week after pruning.

We've also planted some new local heritage variety fruit trees for the orchard and found that Monkeychild's discarded doll ("I don't like it in my bedroom Mum, its too creepy") once cut in half makes the ideal topper for the tree supports. Husband agreed that they look "Very Alice Cooper".

This post is very much about finding new uses for old things though. We could have smashed down the old concrete and brick footings of a greenhouse (you can see these in the below photo) and completely razed this area. But once we cleared away all the rubbish we found a nice level patch of concrete, which makes handy little seating area and have decided to keep the footings and use them for a raised flower border.

Yet again, the derelict and cluttered sheds at the bottom of the orchard have given us another gift... old galvanised animal food bin, which once spruced up will be ideal for storing my garden tools in.

A few years ago Dad gave us some leaded window frames from a house he had worked on, that he had saved from being skipped.  Yesterday Husband finally got round to fitting them into our summerhouse that we aim to tidy up for the summer. 

Husband and Dad built it together when we first moved into the house and its been used as an unofficial shed since then; but its now been cleared out and we plan to use it as a summerhouse instead of a dumping ground. I even rescued a natty little gas cooker from my parents cellar before they moved last year, especially to use in the summerhouse. It originally came from a 1960s 'Cheltenham' caravan that we used to have when I was a kid.

Its encouraging seeing the trees started to bud and blossom and I can't wait until Spring really starts to get going this year...

...lets hope that we don't have too long to wait, eh?


  1. Oh I absolutely love your orchard and your summer house and the walled seating area.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely little peek into your orchard! Spring will be really lovely with all that blossom!

  3. Your summer house is absolutely lovely! Love the weird doll on a stick, she'll scare the Christian away if they come calling. xxx

  4. So jealous of your summer house! And love the use of the old doll parts.

  5. The re claimed windows are beautiful especially the latches.

  6. How lovely! The summer house is a picture. Love the Alice Cooper touches xx

  7. The orchard is looking lovely, and I thoroughly approve of your making good use of what you find. Especially the doll parts! That feed bin is wonderful, and oh for a glorious summer house, I'm rather envious! Roll on warmer days and balmy nights. Xxx

  8. I'm loving your garden and orchard. Unfortunately, I only have a tiny garden. I love how you used the doll parts. xxx


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