Monday, 18 January 2016

Win Win

My first blog post of 2016 is somewhat belated. Over the past few weeks I've been working on my first ever lecture (ecology and gardening if you're interested); preparing notes, handouts and the dreaded Powerpoint presentation. Luckily, the lecture went well last week and I can relax for a bit...until the next one that's scheduled for March.

So, onwards and upwards. The title of this post refers to a recent blog competition win and some nice finds that I picked up last week. The competition first...

Last year as a tie-in with the Vintage Pattern Pledge, Kestrel Makes co-hosted a competition to win £40 worth of sewing materials. Lucky me won it and quickly choose my selection, which included haby bits and pieces, a fabric cutter and some blue and white fabric. Here's my haul:

A big thanks to both Kestrel Makes and Bamber Sewing Machine Centre.

This win was quite fortunate as Monkeychild has requested that I make her an Alice in Wonderland dress for her School Book day in March. With my chosen fabric and a 1972 pattern, I've started to make her dress; having cut out the pattern pieces, ready to start seaming over the next few days.

The second 'win' was a few nice buys that I made on Friday, including the very alluring Bardot-esque picture at the top of this post.

I love those old Weldon's Sixpenny series magazines that covered virtually all aspects of crafting and housekeeping, so I was pleased to come across this 'Leathercraft' edition. For the woman with plenty of time on her hands, an array of fetching leather goods could be made by her own good self - like this appliqué jumper in the on-trend Egyptian style: 

Not practical enough for you? Perhaps a leather trimmed golfing hat and jumper instead?

Still not working for you? Then how about a bag? We all love a stylish bag.

There's a couple of lovely adverts in the back of the magazine too...

At the same time, I also brought this little bit of knitting ephemera; a yarn shade card, invoice and information notes from 'Chadds of Lowestoft' circa 1960.

I wonder what its original owner, Mrs. M.E. Davies of Pangbourne, made with her three ounces of 4 ply in Lovat Green?


  1. Wow you did well winning all those things. Love the dress for your daughter.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. The shade card is a lovely find, I like to see all the colour names!

  3. That's a great prize! Can't wait to see the Alice dress (and MC modelling it, if she agrees!) What a lovely picture - Brigitte looks a bit of a minx, doesn't she?
    Ooh, I'd love one of those bags, and although I would look terrible in that slouchy style, the Egyptian "Jumper-Blouse" is fantastic!
    Oh and well done on your successful lecture. xxx

  4. Congratulations on your competition win! What a fun way to start the new year. The shade cards are a lovely find too. I love running my fingers across wool shade cards and picking out favourite colours likes sweeties!

  5. Love these old pattern books. The leathercraft one is very unusual.

  6. Love those shade cards - 50 years on manufacturers are still making exactly the samer colours of baby yarn!

    The leather-trimmed jumper looks intriguing, but it must have been a nightmare to clean.

  7. They say things go in threes, perhaps you should enter something else quick. I love it when people come across named things, wouldn't it be great if an owner contacted the finder to say 'that's my old book / pattern'.

  8. Congratulations on your win! I love the picture, that's fab!

  9. I love the sample cards. We had some fabric ones in the library when I worked there, I loved looking through them.

  10. Excellent win! It's so nice to have a pile of lovely new sewing bits isn't it? That dess is going to be fab and I do love those old Weldon magazines. They make me want to go all self sufficient and make as much as I can. I'm starting knitting socks....I may well be shouting out for some help! I hear they're very addictive to make. Glad the lecture went well.xxxx

  11. Love, love your Weldons magazine - fantastic find! The Alice dress will look lovely - great pattern. Maybe I need to be that organised for Book Week, rather than the usual two days before rush!


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