Friday, 18 February 2011

Polka Dotty About Spots

After spending most of last weekend working on it, I'm happy to announce that my patchwork curtain is now finished and hung up, thus dividing off the kitchen from the utility room.

To make the curtain, I used some vintage and modern printed cottons including a 1970s print which was a  boot sale bargain last year.

I also cut off half of a floor length St. Michael housecoat with a very 1970s poppy design to supplement my patchwork stash and in doing so, have transformed the housecoat into a wearable light spring coat.

I also cut up an embroidered tablecloth, which had seen better days and re-used the lovely floral embroidery.

In addition to the numerous polka dot squares in the curtain, I've also backed it with more spotty fabric!

As you can see from my blog background, I have a thing for polka dots. I think there's something very cheerful and quintessentially retro about them.

 Here are some of my favourite polka dot things that inhabit the VK household:

TG Green's Blue Domino Ware - reminds me of childhood jam sandwiches and fondant fancies.

Spotty cup cake cases...

My '40s/50s day dress I brought in my teens at a jumble sale which is still worn decades later...

Photo taken a couple of years ago when I still had a fringe

 A CC41 swing coat with the same provenance as the dress...

Monkeychild's summer dress made by Nanny using the same pattern she used for one of my childhood dresses...

And to end with: added onto my 'wants' list - these spotty shoes...


  1. It's beautiful.

    Is that picture of Monkeychild taken at Gifford's Circus?? I went two years ago it was just magical!

  2. Yes Miss M - it was taken at Giffords Circus last year and did you know that Gifford's is touring again this year?

  3. Great curtain, glad you got your machine working. Oh those shoes...
    Hen x

  4. Thanks Hen, it turned out that when the needle had broken it had jammed underneath. I was so relieved!

  5. Oooooh! I love that dress and shoes.
    I love your patchwork curtains too, I've been thinking of making some for a while too, must get on and do it
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. It's freaking fabulous! You've done a fantastic job, you really have. Love you in that spotty dress and those shoes have given me palpitations! Where are they from? xxx

  7. Vix - those shoes are by an American brand called Zinc. I've never found a site that sells ones exactly like these though.

  8. Hello again!
    The rug was bought from Anna Maria Horner's online shop a few years ago. The postage was actually quite reasonable and it arrived really quickly.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Hen x

  9. Hi, just found your great blog!
    That patchwork curtain is so gorgeous - love the colours!! Perfect against black and white! Now I want to go and make one too!

  10. Fabulous curtain! Love those fabrics together.

  11. wonderful curtain & great choice of fabrics. Loving your spotty dress & amazing CC41 spotty coat! Lizzie

  12. Lovely curtain. I also like spots but also have a thing about stripes too!

  13. Stunning curtain. I adore it. Love the spotty theme, the T&G Dominoware is gorgeous, as is the dress. The shoes are to die for. Liking the look of your kitchen as well! Fabulous post Ms VK!

  14. Thank you yes I did know, and you have just reminded me I was meant to be buying tickets! They always do the next village to the one my parents live in but it was sold out by the time my Dad got round to it last year so this year I said I would do it oopps!

  15. The patchwork is lovely you have done a great job, one day I will get around to making one :)
    There is something nostalgic about spots.
    I also have a jar of spotty paper cases only for show of course.
    Cate x

  16. WOW the shoes! I want them too!


  17. Great curtain - lovely mix of colours / patterns! FAB shoes! And well done for still fitting into a dress bought in your teens!

  18. Beautiful! I love the curtains! I've also got a bit of a thing for polka dots... It might even be classed as a bit of an obsession! :)


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