Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Final Tin of the Week: No. 9 - The Post Box

The final tin in my collection and in this series is this dinky post box given to me by my Dad many years ago and still used to save the pounds (rather than pennies) in.

It was the Victorian novelist, Anthony Trollope (employed at the time by the Post Office as a clerk)  who revived an earlier suggestion by the postal reformer, Rowland Hill, to erect a post box for public use. After taking up Trollope's suggestion, the Post Office erected the first British post box in Jersey in 1852 and a year later the first mainland post box was erected at Botchergate in Carlisle.

The design and manufacture of each postal district's boxes was the responsibility of the individual Post Office District Surveyor; for example, in 1856 the Surveyor of Birmingham District commissioned a local company to produce district pillar boxes in the shape of a doric column with fluted sides (obviously a fan of Classical architecture - I wonder what the post box would have looked like had he been an admirer of Perpendicular Gothic?).

 The appearence of post boxes soon became regulated and a single style of post box was launched nationwide in 1859. The design of the post box soon encompassed roadside boxes that could be built into a wall or building and later lamp boxes, which were attached to telegraph poles or a free standing pedastal.

To conclude, I'd like to thank everyone who has been following this series and also to those who have commented on my previous 'Tin of the Week' posts; I hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I've enjoyed researching them.


  1. I love that Post Box tin, it's wonderful. Bet you saved a packet when you were a kiddie. Your Dad certainly has a good eye for cute things.
    I've loved this series, thank you for sharing your collection. xxx
    PS That nail varnish was Barry M. It's shade no. 284 (no name) and it's a metallic-y dark green. Highly recommended.

  2. Love the post bx tin - in fact I've enjoyed seeing all your tins!


  3. What a great tin! I'm off now to read the rest of your Tin of the Week posts.

  4. My friend Linda had a tin like that, I remember it, I had one of those ChadValley ones do you remember those?
    Julie xxxx


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